Winter Woes: Fixing Your Garage Door

By Joxan Williams

Winter can be tough on garage doors. Learn how to tackle common issues and keep your garage door functioning smoothly in the cold season.

Cold's Impact on Garage Doors

Cold weather can cause parts to contract and lubricants to thicken, leading to stiff movement or even complete stalling of your garage door.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Use silicone-based lubricants to keep moving parts like rollers, springs, and hinges working smoothly, preventing them from freezing.

Check Your Weather Stripping

Inspect weather stripping for cracks or gaps. Replace if necessary to prevent cold air and moisture from entering the garage.

Unfreeze Your Door

If your door freezes to the ground, gently chip away ice and use warm water to melt it. Avoid forceful movements that can damage the door.

Spring Adjustments

Cold weather can increase tension in springs. If your door is hard to open, have a professional adjust the spring tension.

Battery Life in Openers

Cold weather can drain batteries quickly. Check and replace the batteries in your remote and keypad to ensure consistent performance.

Sensor Maintenance

Snow and ice can obstruct sensors leading to malfunction. Regularly clean and check alignment to ensure your door's safety mechanisms work correctly.

Stay Warm and Secure

With these tips, you can keep your garage door running smoothly in winter. Regular checks and maintenance are key to avoiding chilly surprises!